Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wow. Just wow. I kept meaning to blog, I did. Every day was "well, I will have time tomorrow." And I didn't. Or I forgot.

So I am here. I am stressed. Every time I go to the doctor about my wrists, I get a new medication. This is all on top of new birth control and more work at work. Not complaining... just very very worn out; physically and mentally. Even a week off from work didn't help all THAT much.

You would think that knitting would relieve stress. You'd think. I have been working on the garter stitch blanket... That doesn't help stress. I cast on for three pairs of socks... and frogged it all. I am thinking maybe I'll try some Sidewinders or a second attempt on the Jaywalkers. Or maybe I will practice more with sock yarn and knit some Endpaper Mitts or those pirate mittens from :) (I'm so lazy right now. I'll fix the hyperlinks later... hehe) Maybe both? Who knows.

I have knit some smaller things... I'll post pics after I take them. (Again, I am a lazy, lazy girl)

- Felted Ant
- Felted Bee
- Felted Lobster
- 8 Billion Catnip Mice (I altered the pattern from before) Seems like everyone with a cat wants some mice. The boyfriend's cat sleeps with his every night. It's cute, really.
- An angry banana.
- Two relatively happy limes. (One WAS angry, but I changed his disposition)
- Restarting the 1up mushroom beanie. I reworked that pattern also, it's no longer the Kittyville hat from SNB. :D
- Starting the design for a pair of kind of lacy fingerless mitts made with my hand dyed yarn
- Starting the basic pattern for what will become my transformers/nintendo/versatile pattern for a fingerless mitt, scarf, and hat set. This is most exciting. I absolutely adore Fair Isle.
- No more progress on the Boyfriend Blanket yet. Intarsia can kiss my buttsnips. Jerk. Although I did figure out a much me-friendlier way of doing it. (I am anal about yarn twisting and tangling, and plastic bag noises annoy me.)
- Attempting to design a pair of gloves similar to Knitty's Knucks, only Thing sized and made with worsted weight because he wants me to use the blue/purple skein he dyed. Okay, my boyfriend's hands are not that huge. I lied. They might as well be though. Any suggestions? ^_^
-Working on the baby blanket(the baby is born! Hailee is her name). Almost done, then a hat and booties... Maybe not booties. What is a good baby thing to make?

That's it. So you see I have been busy. And I have also been playing WoW tcg, seeing Transformers and seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Go see them. Now.

Not much else to report, I think I'll go read some Half-Blood Prince and reaquiant myself before Deathly Hallows shows up on my doorstep. Hopefully, it won't be two months again. ;)

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