Friday, September 28, 2007

time flies when you're... yep.

Has it really been that long? I am a bad blogger. I'll admit to that. I religiously read several blogs, and yet I don't have the time to blog myself. I haven't knit much lately, because I haven't had much time. I have started a new job for an hour after work Monday-Thursday helping a 16 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. My job is to help him with his homework, however, when we finish early we play video games. :) It's very educational for me, as well as for him (he's getting straight A's!). This is my second time working with a handicapped student, and I truly enjoy the experiences I have had. I thank knitting for all the help in teaching me patience. I've developed patience beyond anything I ever could have foreseen, and it's wonderful. I'm gonna look around and see my best options for pursuing a Music Therapy major with a minor in Music Theory. There's just so much in being able to do what you love and help people at the same time. I absolutely adore music theory, you hear music so much more clearly when you fully understand where it's coming from, and I would love to be able to share that with everyone and anyone would is interested. Anyways, on to what I have been, and am knitting. :)

I finished a scarf for my father for Christmas (knitters think about Christmas in August. lol). I was inspired by the pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, but I altered so much that it's really just a mistake rib scarf. 21 stitches across size 13 needles makes for a nice warm scarf. :) It's knit with Lion Brand Thick and Quick in the charcoal color. If I did it again, I would most definitely use a lighter color, but the scarf is gorgeous nonetheless. And heavy. It's perfect for snowmobiling, if I do say so myself.

Working on some fingerless mitts (the kind with individual fingers cut off at the knuckle... my first time!) The right glove is finished, I still have to cast on for the left... can you get SSS on a glove? The pattern is from Knitted Accessories and it's knitted on two needles instead of in the round. It gave me a chance to practice my seaming. :D I'm getting WAY better! I even shocked myself, you can't even tell it's a seam. The yarn is acrylic. I know I know... but look. I usually have to frog the first new thing I make, and I didn't want to ruin some nice yarn if I had to frog it at the end. I'm an odd one, this I know. :) I plan on buying him nicer yarn and surprising him with a better pair made out of wool. Mmm. Wool. Although, he seems to be very very happy with the acrylic... The fluffy wool ones I made him last year make his hands sweat. I feel cheap making him gloves with yarn that cost less than 3 dollars to make both gloves and then some... but if he is happy, I am happy. Speaking of the boyfriend... guess who learned how to knit? :) He had been asking for a while and I have finally taught him the knit stitch. I started on some green acrylic, and he was okay with it, but I could tell that a more fun yarn was in order. He was poking around my stash and came across some Bernat Camo that I completely forgot I bought. This happens often. I have SO MUCH YARN that when I go through it, I forget what I have and what I've bought. I have to post pics of the monster that is my stash. Your jaw will drop. Maybe. I don't know how much you have. :) Where was I? Oh yes. So while the boyfriend and I were cleaning out my stash and putting it into fine ziplock bags and plastic tubs (which... I ran out of bags and tub room. How does that happen?), he kept putting yarn aside. Grey yarn here, camo there. I told him he could take whatever he wanted, since I obviously forgot I had it, the use for it was lost deep in my brain. He has 13 inches of garter stitch scarf now!!! I'm so proud. :) He's anxious to learn purling, but I told him that he needs to get familiar with the basic stitch before he moves on to anything else. You know, so he can knit without thinking. He can now knit without looking at the needles! Also, he had his first knitting dream. Hehehe It's so awesome to have a boyfriend who WANTS to knit and finds enjoyment in it. He said that he can't wait until I show him how to make a pair of fingerless gloves and hats. :D

Speaking of hats, for my friend's birthday I am making her the devil hat from SNB. She wanted it black... okay. :) I'm making it in Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Soft. Cheap. 20% wool. Huzzah! I may alter the pattern a bit if I can and give it the horns from the Snow Devil Hat in Dominitrix. Maybe. If I'm not lazy. My sister wants a grey kitty hat, I might be nice and make the ears grey with pink inside. :) Maybe. If I'm not lazy. :D Also, I have to finish my 1up beanie. I had to get more needles! I got a pair of Knit Picks Harmony. US 7 16" circs. Not the interchangeable ones, but they are the pretty wood ones. :) I'll let you know how they are... I'm sure wonderful. :D

I have decided to make my grandmother a Clapotis. Was going to use red Wool-Ease, but I have since discovered a yarn store that I did not know existed. THEY HAVE SPINNING CLASSES AND SPINNING WHEELS. I need to change my panties now, thanks. HOPEFULLY I can find a not so expensive variegated worsted weight yarn that is soft and slightly drapey in a pretty colorway that screams GRANDMA!!!! If not, looks like I am dyeing my own. :)

I've started making those no-sew blankets. They're super duper easy and soft and awesome. Buy some fleece, cut it, tie it... blanket. I made a small one for the boyfriend's cat to see if I could even make one... he loves it. We put it in a chair, he grabs the felted mouse toy I made him, and goes to bed. Every night he sleeps on the blanket with his cat toy. Who said that nobody appreciates what we make them?

I'll update with some pics (and more info about the books) when I remember to buy batteries for my camera. :) And I'll try to blog more... ADD is a cruel mistress.

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