Thursday, November 8, 2007

What are these "FOs" that you speak of?

I read the November 1st post from Dogs Steal Yarn about UFOs entitled "Monogamy vs Temptation". It seems that she and I, though on opposite sides of the country, can really relate. You see, I have not blogged because I have not accomplished squat. Nope. Nothing. Oh sure, I am making progress. (I have found my camera! It's alive! It was under sock yarn, go figure. Pics as soon as I get my laptop back from the boyfriend! lol) I have finished the Devil Hat from SNB The Knitter's Handbook. Oh wait. No I haven't. It doesn't have horns. That and a secret (I'm not sure if she's reading) project that goes along with it hasn't even been cast on. A week from tomorrow. Geez. I know what I'm doing this weekend. I have until Christmas to finish the Clapotis. That's nice. I have 4 repeats (minus two rows... gee, you'd think I'd remember to p2tog at the end of the row... since that's about the only exciting thing left besides the kfb...) of the straight rows and then I start the decreases. I have the cuff and some of the body of my (second attempt at a...) Jaywalker. And yet I bought more sock yarn that I am fighting with. You see it's this in the Meadow Multi colorway. Then my mentally unstable lovely boyfriend bought me Knitting Rules! and I now have access to The Yarn Harlot's sock recipe. I was doomed. I guess it also didn't help that I bought some of this in Lettuce and immediately cast on for this as my first lace project. In my defense, I would recommend this yarn to anyone and everyone. It's so soft... so nice... and it didn't split after I frogged that stupid pretty scarf four times.

So where was I? Oh yes... hat, Clapotis, sock, scarf... The boyfriend still only has one mitt... my sister has 1½ rows of her Kitty Hat (also from The Knitter's Handbook.) I bought 3 skeins of this in... a color that isn't listed. It's brown/blue/red/orange/white/yellow... It reminds me of all the colors of fall plied together. It's going to be a scarf and a hat. I hope. I cast on for the scarf (I know! I have no willpower.) two nights ago... while eyeing up this (in the natural green colorway) that I bought the same day. (tell me about it...) And I don't even know what that will be yet. I have two medium sized Rubbermaid containers, four baskets, and a HUGE Rubbermaid container (I could probably curl up into it) filled with yarn, spinning supplies/fiber, and dying supplies/yarn to dye. I don't know why I buy yarn, does anyone really know? I see it. I want it. I buy it. Then I try to tuck it away out of sight so that I am not tempted to cast on. I have all of these ideas and yet... no. Must. Finish. WIPs. I have made a promise to myself. I will finish things in the order of importance. One at a time. Me, little miss no attention span. First on my list is the secret project and adding the horns. I will finish that this weekend. I probably have two hours left and I will force the boyfriend to lock me in the bathroom (nobody will bother me there...) until I finish it. But during the week you see, it will be the Clapotis. I would like to tell the Yarn Harlot that I am experiencing the Knitting Black Hole. I knit and knit for HOURS and I measure... and the only thing that has changed, as far as I am concerned, is that I have more dropped stitches. It gets better, right? This thing will be finished, yes? I'm not freaking out. Not at all. :) Then the boyfriend's last mitt because he is so patient and tries to stop me from buying yarn. He told me last weekend, he's not going to try to stop me anymore... there is no stopping me. Hmmm... I really don't see a problem there. :) I will work on the Jaywalkers when my mind fries (unless my mind fries from that, too. In which case I will commence the casting on of simple stockinette socks.......)

I guess, what I'm trying to say is.... It's been a month since I posted... and I have nothing to show for it.

Hello. My name is Amber and I have no FOs.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Last night while riding in our golf cart, my sister my boyfriend and I went to the far back of our property (I have 3½ acres of land). Normally we just drive around picking flowers and watching the clouds and checking on our neighbor's overgrown vineyard. Which, next year I think we are going to clean it out. They don't know this yet. Our neighbor is a 93 year old German woman who had to have her eye removed this summer due to an infection. Wouldn't some fresh grapes be nice? Anyway, last night as the sun was setting we went to the back to drive around and when we got to the very back, we stopped. There was a doe and a fawn just staring at us. All 5 of us were completely frozen. We turned off the cart and sat perfectly still. The doe walked towards us, all the while keeping her eyes on us. The fawn was prancing around behind her, completely distrusting of the strangers who interrupted their dinner. For probably a good 15-20 minutes we sat in the cart watching the deer. All the while they crept closer and closer and ate grass and stared. This was the closest I've ever been to a deer while not driving, at the zoo, or to a dead one on a wall. About 100 feet away from two of the most gentle, docile creatures I have ever seen. A helicopter flew over and the deer darted towards the woods. There I noticed what had been there the entire time, an opening that resembled a wooded cave. My sister and I dared to get out of the cart and take a few steps towards the animals when they weren't looking. JR (this will henceforth replace "the boyfriend" as I think he deserves a more respectful title lol) is 6'4". I'm not sure a deer could have handled that. My sister is 5'11" and I am 5'3"... Did I mention that this is my 5 years YOUNGER sister? Heh. The fawn went into the woods and the doe stayed in the field, though cautious. Nipping the trees and almost putting on a show for us. Turning to go into the woods, and turning and coming back out. She came back to the field and started eating again and after a few moments the fawn came out. Then another fawn came out. Three total. All of them eating and watching us and playing in the field. It was probably 5 minutes after the third came out that they all went into the woods for the night. The three of us went back to the house in awe that an animal so skittish would allow us to observe so closely and not run away. After a 60 mile drive to and from work in rush hour traffic, plus driving my sister to school... That seemed to melt any and all of the hostile feelings and stress that had built up throughout my day. I am still completely amazed and I could have kicked myself for not having my camera. But who normally takes a camera on a golf car ride? Not I.

Knitting is moving along... I made myself a list of what I want to get done in the order I want to get them done...

SNB Devil Hat - It'll be finished this weekend. Gotta finish the crown and add the horns. If I have time before her birthday I'm going to take the spare yarn and make some quick matching wristwarmers.

Clapotis - I am on the third repeat of Section 2. I ended up getting This yarn in Blush Heather and so far so good. Very very slight variegations in the yarn, but just enough to give it a sense of depth. If I do two repeats a day, it will be finished in two weeks. Less if I work on that predominantly on the weekends.

1up beanie and Kittyville Hat - 1up beanie is over halfway done, I just have to finish the colorwork on the last half of the mushrooms and then the crown. Definitely going to be longer than the space invaders beanie. heh. That one's a little short. The kitty hat is for my sister and she wants it in grey. I think i'm gonna toss in some pink on the ears for her. Nice little Surprise. I'll be working on those simultaneously since I bought another US 7 16" circ. I still haven't used it... I planned on casting on last weekend... but blankies got in the way. :(

JR's mitt - He told me to make this at the last possible second since it doesn't take that long and it's still in the 70's here. That's okay, I live by Cleveland, OH. The weather changes every 10 minutes anyways. :P

The cursed blanket from the depths of hell that somehow sucks the life out of me as I make it - I dunno why. Intarsia isn't hard. I know how to do it, it looks good. So what the hell is making me procrastinate so much!? Everytime I want to pick it up, I look at it and think about how it's a vampire of energy. Why? Why does is a blanket so hard? I'm knitting it on big needles. It's a nice, soft yarn to work with. The pattern isn't THAT hard. Sure there are a lot of color changes... Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, White... But really. Someone motivate me... After I finish the above things. :)

And last but not least... my socks - Yes. I am making socks. Isn't that great? Me. A sock knitter. I guess to be a sock knitter, though... you'd actually have to complete a pair... or more. Well. I am trying. I have never used such tiny needles (US 1) and when it comes to knitting I have some patience, but it runs very thin when I seem to knit and knit and knit and get nowhere. This sock, however.. Has taken to me. The yarn has taken to the sock. Grumperina's Jaywalkers are liking the yarn... which I forgot the name of and I know it's wool with something else. Bad me. Losing the ball band. >_< I plan on working on these when I don't feel like working on any of the above. I hate wearing socks, but I want to knit myself some. Ironic. So as you can see, I am excited to make them but not at all in a hurry to wear them. :) I will let you know, and hopefully post pics because I will have my camera and I have nothing but a haunted house and some cleaning planned for this weekend.

Other than that I am making the no-sew blankets (after I post pics, I'd be more than happy to post a tutorial if interested.) and I JUST learned how to make pin cushions! :D Now I am on a mission to find the cutest Japanese fabric I can find to make my very first and my super special pin cushion... and also to find some that I like for Christmas presents.. and maybe to sell since they aren't too hard. I am afraid of sewing machines. Mine will be hand stitched. :)

Also on my mission I am attempting to locate 2 skeins (at the very least one skein) of Bernat's Camouflage yarn in the Snow Ghost colorway. How depressing would it be for JR to get to the end of his skein and not have yarn left? :( We checked Joann (stores, I am going to check online when I finish this post), Walmart, and Pat Catan's. Nothing. I don't like Michael's, but for him... I would check. Sigh. The things we do for love. :) Hopefully my next post will be few words and all pics!

Friday, September 28, 2007

time flies when you're... yep.

Has it really been that long? I am a bad blogger. I'll admit to that. I religiously read several blogs, and yet I don't have the time to blog myself. I haven't knit much lately, because I haven't had much time. I have started a new job for an hour after work Monday-Thursday helping a 16 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. My job is to help him with his homework, however, when we finish early we play video games. :) It's very educational for me, as well as for him (he's getting straight A's!). This is my second time working with a handicapped student, and I truly enjoy the experiences I have had. I thank knitting for all the help in teaching me patience. I've developed patience beyond anything I ever could have foreseen, and it's wonderful. I'm gonna look around and see my best options for pursuing a Music Therapy major with a minor in Music Theory. There's just so much in being able to do what you love and help people at the same time. I absolutely adore music theory, you hear music so much more clearly when you fully understand where it's coming from, and I would love to be able to share that with everyone and anyone would is interested. Anyways, on to what I have been, and am knitting. :)

I finished a scarf for my father for Christmas (knitters think about Christmas in August. lol). I was inspired by the pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, but I altered so much that it's really just a mistake rib scarf. 21 stitches across size 13 needles makes for a nice warm scarf. :) It's knit with Lion Brand Thick and Quick in the charcoal color. If I did it again, I would most definitely use a lighter color, but the scarf is gorgeous nonetheless. And heavy. It's perfect for snowmobiling, if I do say so myself.

Working on some fingerless mitts (the kind with individual fingers cut off at the knuckle... my first time!) The right glove is finished, I still have to cast on for the left... can you get SSS on a glove? The pattern is from Knitted Accessories and it's knitted on two needles instead of in the round. It gave me a chance to practice my seaming. :D I'm getting WAY better! I even shocked myself, you can't even tell it's a seam. The yarn is acrylic. I know I know... but look. I usually have to frog the first new thing I make, and I didn't want to ruin some nice yarn if I had to frog it at the end. I'm an odd one, this I know. :) I plan on buying him nicer yarn and surprising him with a better pair made out of wool. Mmm. Wool. Although, he seems to be very very happy with the acrylic... The fluffy wool ones I made him last year make his hands sweat. I feel cheap making him gloves with yarn that cost less than 3 dollars to make both gloves and then some... but if he is happy, I am happy. Speaking of the boyfriend... guess who learned how to knit? :) He had been asking for a while and I have finally taught him the knit stitch. I started on some green acrylic, and he was okay with it, but I could tell that a more fun yarn was in order. He was poking around my stash and came across some Bernat Camo that I completely forgot I bought. This happens often. I have SO MUCH YARN that when I go through it, I forget what I have and what I've bought. I have to post pics of the monster that is my stash. Your jaw will drop. Maybe. I don't know how much you have. :) Where was I? Oh yes. So while the boyfriend and I were cleaning out my stash and putting it into fine ziplock bags and plastic tubs (which... I ran out of bags and tub room. How does that happen?), he kept putting yarn aside. Grey yarn here, camo there. I told him he could take whatever he wanted, since I obviously forgot I had it, the use for it was lost deep in my brain. He has 13 inches of garter stitch scarf now!!! I'm so proud. :) He's anxious to learn purling, but I told him that he needs to get familiar with the basic stitch before he moves on to anything else. You know, so he can knit without thinking. He can now knit without looking at the needles! Also, he had his first knitting dream. Hehehe It's so awesome to have a boyfriend who WANTS to knit and finds enjoyment in it. He said that he can't wait until I show him how to make a pair of fingerless gloves and hats. :D

Speaking of hats, for my friend's birthday I am making her the devil hat from SNB. She wanted it black... okay. :) I'm making it in Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Soft. Cheap. 20% wool. Huzzah! I may alter the pattern a bit if I can and give it the horns from the Snow Devil Hat in Dominitrix. Maybe. If I'm not lazy. My sister wants a grey kitty hat, I might be nice and make the ears grey with pink inside. :) Maybe. If I'm not lazy. :D Also, I have to finish my 1up beanie. I had to get more needles! I got a pair of Knit Picks Harmony. US 7 16" circs. Not the interchangeable ones, but they are the pretty wood ones. :) I'll let you know how they are... I'm sure wonderful. :D

I have decided to make my grandmother a Clapotis. Was going to use red Wool-Ease, but I have since discovered a yarn store that I did not know existed. THEY HAVE SPINNING CLASSES AND SPINNING WHEELS. I need to change my panties now, thanks. HOPEFULLY I can find a not so expensive variegated worsted weight yarn that is soft and slightly drapey in a pretty colorway that screams GRANDMA!!!! If not, looks like I am dyeing my own. :)

I've started making those no-sew blankets. They're super duper easy and soft and awesome. Buy some fleece, cut it, tie it... blanket. I made a small one for the boyfriend's cat to see if I could even make one... he loves it. We put it in a chair, he grabs the felted mouse toy I made him, and goes to bed. Every night he sleeps on the blanket with his cat toy. Who said that nobody appreciates what we make them?

I'll update with some pics (and more info about the books) when I remember to buy batteries for my camera. :) And I'll try to blog more... ADD is a cruel mistress.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wow. Just wow. I kept meaning to blog, I did. Every day was "well, I will have time tomorrow." And I didn't. Or I forgot.

So I am here. I am stressed. Every time I go to the doctor about my wrists, I get a new medication. This is all on top of new birth control and more work at work. Not complaining... just very very worn out; physically and mentally. Even a week off from work didn't help all THAT much.

You would think that knitting would relieve stress. You'd think. I have been working on the garter stitch blanket... That doesn't help stress. I cast on for three pairs of socks... and frogged it all. I am thinking maybe I'll try some Sidewinders or a second attempt on the Jaywalkers. Or maybe I will practice more with sock yarn and knit some Endpaper Mitts or those pirate mittens from :) (I'm so lazy right now. I'll fix the hyperlinks later... hehe) Maybe both? Who knows.

I have knit some smaller things... I'll post pics after I take them. (Again, I am a lazy, lazy girl)

- Felted Ant
- Felted Bee
- Felted Lobster
- 8 Billion Catnip Mice (I altered the pattern from before) Seems like everyone with a cat wants some mice. The boyfriend's cat sleeps with his every night. It's cute, really.
- An angry banana.
- Two relatively happy limes. (One WAS angry, but I changed his disposition)
- Restarting the 1up mushroom beanie. I reworked that pattern also, it's no longer the Kittyville hat from SNB. :D
- Starting the design for a pair of kind of lacy fingerless mitts made with my hand dyed yarn
- Starting the basic pattern for what will become my transformers/nintendo/versatile pattern for a fingerless mitt, scarf, and hat set. This is most exciting. I absolutely adore Fair Isle.
- No more progress on the Boyfriend Blanket yet. Intarsia can kiss my buttsnips. Jerk. Although I did figure out a much me-friendlier way of doing it. (I am anal about yarn twisting and tangling, and plastic bag noises annoy me.)
- Attempting to design a pair of gloves similar to Knitty's Knucks, only Thing sized and made with worsted weight because he wants me to use the blue/purple skein he dyed. Okay, my boyfriend's hands are not that huge. I lied. They might as well be though. Any suggestions? ^_^
-Working on the baby blanket(the baby is born! Hailee is her name). Almost done, then a hat and booties... Maybe not booties. What is a good baby thing to make?

That's it. So you see I have been busy. And I have also been playing WoW tcg, seeing Transformers and seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Go see them. Now.

Not much else to report, I think I'll go read some Half-Blood Prince and reaquiant myself before Deathly Hallows shows up on my doorstep. Hopefully, it won't be two months again. ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Junk and Felted Things.

I've been up to nothing lately, but very busy. Family from Florida came last week, so I spent a long time cleaning and I'm still not done... Can someone tell me how I have so much yarn? Seriously. I'm going to take pics for you, but I'm lazy and i have yet to organize it all. So far I have two big baskets full of yarn, another filled with my spinning supplies and yarn, and a HUGE bag holding the motherload of my yarn. Crazy. I'm not doing it tonight though. Maybe Tuesday you'll get to drool over my mass quantities of yarn.

I found out my cousin is having a baby. It's a girl. She isn't due until late July or early August, so I have some time. I started knitting a blankie... It's pink and pale pink acrylic with a shiny strand inside. Plain old boring garter stitch. Well, not so boring. I'm knitting it normal and backwards so I never have to turn it. Turning huge pieces on circular needles annoys me immensely. I use mostly bamboo needles because I love the feel and nothing slides unless I want it to. I have some metal and some plastic needles, but I prefer bamboo. So here I am using a US 10.5 29" circular needle. This blanket will be huge. :) I never really measure baby blankets when I make them... I do a good job of guesstimating and they're always big enough to either wrap the baby or cover the carseat. Since she's due in August-ish, I'm making the blankie winter/autumn thick. It's 80 stitches across, and I'll probably make it 120-140 rows... or until I get sick of knitting. :)

On to the fun knitting! I have been wanting to felt for a while now. I have no knowledge of how to work a washing machine. (Laugh it up. 22 year old chick can't do laundry. Ha ha ha.) I had to start with something small. What is small that you can felt? Cat toys. The little mice from SNB Nation to be exact. I used this yarn in Carrot, but I don't see it on there anymore.... hmmm. No bother, I had four skeins. I also have two skeins each of the Heather Amber, Avacado and Pumpkin. Cheap wool. :) I love Knit Picks. Anyways... I used that Carrot color which is a nice deep orange. I followed the pattern exactly, only I used size US 9 needles instead of US 4. I posted on craftster, I read many a website. I was ready. After I attached the little ears and sewed up his butt with the best mattress seam ever (there are pics below of my most perfectest seam ever done by me and my crapping stitching), I filled my sink with the hottest water I could stand (which, since my hands are usually numb, was surprisingly hot). I was too lazy to go downstairs and get laundry detergent, so I just squirted some Dial in the water and swished it around a little. It's a cat toy, not a me toy. I rubbed it between my fingers, against itself, turned it inside out... and it was felting. Slowly but surely it was felting. I couldn't wait, not only am I lazy but I have no patience. I made sure it was good and wet then I held the blob between my palms and rubbed. Soak, rub, soak, rub. All in all it took about 5 minutes to hand felt Mr. Mouse. I dried him on a towel as best I could and since his middle was fairly dry, I decided to stuff him before I finished stitching him up. he's layered. :) His butt is catnip, his tummy is a combo of polyfil and catnip, and his nose is catnip. I finished stitching him up with the long tail I left (I felted it a little so it would blend better, and it looks pretty good I think, especially for my first time). He has no eyes and no mouth... or a normal tail. On purpose. I was inspired by this. Aren't they cute? Mine doesn't look like a mouse-pig though. :) I didn't want to make an i-cord tail, I just stitched up to the tip of Mr. Mouse's nose and shoved the needle through the body and out the butt. Because of the felting, I don't think it's going anywhere, and if it does, it's just a kitty toy. :) I do like the green of the mouse-pigs. I think I'll make some of these to sell in September for the garage sales around my house. I'll have to figure out what to charge. What do people pay for felted catnip mice? WARNING: DO NOT EVEN CARRY THESE AROUND WHEN THERE ARE CATS WITHIN 500 FEET. This particular mouse is for Jiro, the boyfriend's cat. I have three minions of my own... and all of them were mewing at me and trying to climb my legs. These mice are potent. ;) And now for the moment you've all been waiting for....

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Do you see that seam? That's right. No, you don't. :)
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Isn't he cute? Even with no eyes. :)
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is him all finished, but before I shaped his nose. You can still kind of see the seam.
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Now that I'm back, I can catch up on e-mail and blogs! Yay!

PS After seeing how much yarn I have gathered and collected, I have decided to go on a mini yarn diet. Just until I get rid of some of it. Is this cheating? :)

Monday, April 30, 2007


I finished my "We Call Them Pirates" hat! It's great... for the most part. I effed up a little. The rows on the brim don't match up 100%. Just the brim. How does that happen? WHY does that happen!? Obviously I did something wrong, but at the same time, I have no idea what I did. Sigh. Here is the hat.

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See? Everything else is FINE. I just don't get it. It's made out of Lion's Brand Baby Soft in Black and White. I wanted to use acrylic for my first major Fair-Isle project in case I had to frog a lot. I only had to frog two rows because of one stitch. Oh well. I like it. My dad likes it (which is good because it's his). I didn't do the provisional cast on for the liner. I'm lazy and scared. :) I have the yarn that the pattern calls for on the way. But instead of black and white, it's red and dark grey. I can't wait to try the yarn, coated with teflon? I should make gloves out of that...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

~* Swap! *~

So my first personal swap is officially completed. :) I swapped with Jaye (from craftster). It was awesome cuz she's from Australia. :D

Here is what I sent:

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Lots and lots and lots of Hershey's dark chocolate... Bars, pieces, sticks, and M&M's... Lots of buttons. My favorite are the blue ones on the bottom right. They're dark blue with light blue opalish snowflakes on them... but you can't see the snowflakes from the pics that i took. :( Last but not least... My kureyon mitts. :) (don't worry, I bought more Noro and I have allllll summer to knit more.) :D

Here is what I got:

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The cutest pair of earrings (I thought I had good pics of everything... pffft. Teaches me to think.). A whoppee cushion that will be making mischief. A chocolate bunny puzzle. :) Look at the pretty pretty wool! I cannot WAIT to spin it!!!!!! It's so soft! I love the purple and the blue. I'm going to dye the white (though I have no idea what color yet), but I think I may leave the grey... I kinda like it natural. I can't wait to open the Timtams... though I'm afraid to... My dad has already started eyeing them up. He was in the Navy and I guess hasn't had them for a very long time... I suppose I can share. :) And last but not least, an amazing felted necklace. :) It's got the prettiest colors and it's just so cute!

All in all a VERY successful first swap and I can't wait to participate in more. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2007



So... Sometimes we are smart... and sometimes we are not. I put some of my pictures into folders in This is why I don't organize things... Here are the pics that I *accidentally* deleted the links for in the previous post... Oooooooooooops.

Blue and Purple Hand Dyed...
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Red and Pink Hand Dyed....
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Handspun goodness...
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Blah. I may now be a brunette... but I was born a blonde.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm A Slacker...

In the past two weeks I have done... pretty much nothing. Went to a wedding... played cards... knit a little. I took a break from knitting after I decided to frog my 1up beanie. It was a sad day. Now it's sitting there in three pretty piles waiting for me to cast on again. Alas, beanie, it's for the best. After asking for help on craftster, I figured out that I need to weave my little floaters in. It'll be that much better in the long run, I promise. So, to practice my Fair Isle, I am making the We Call Them Pirates hat from It's great so far, time consuming, but great. I'm using acrylic yarn. Baby Soft. :) This is my first time doing major Fair Isle and using needles smaller than US 5. I'm nervous... lol. I'm not doing the provisional cast on because I didn't have size 1 any kind of needles... and I really didn't feel like buying any. I have size 2 circs... but no. I'm a lazy slacker.

I dyed some more yarn. :) The boyfriend dyed the purple/blue and I dyed the red/pink. He said mine looked like love... I was going more for angry at the time, but now it reminds me of love. Heh. Here are some pics! Same as before... KnitPicks 100% Superwash Wool (and I still have 4 skeins left!) Kool-Aid dyed... The blue/purple is Berry Blue and Grape. The red/pink is Strawberry and Pink Lemonade. It's easier for me to wind them into these crappy balls from the dyed skein and THEN into hanks or center pulled balls... for some reason for me it gets tangled.... every time there are tangles. Oh well, it's probably me. :)

Sorry this one is so blurry, I didn't realize it until I uploaded it... Meh. All you need is the colors. :)

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This one is actually not this red throughout, the pic just has a lot of red. :)

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I got my spindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a spindle from etsy and it came with some pretty pretty roving/batt (what's it called?). I spun it all by myself. ALL BY MYSELF. :) I'm excited. I can't tell anyone around me... they don't care as much. It sucks having no knitters by you. :( Here's a pic of the spindle and yarn... Let me know if it sucks. I need all the help I can get. Did I spin it too tight?

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The boyfriend's dad made me some spindles... I can't wait to try those out also. I bought some carded wool in pretty autumn colors that I'm going to spin.... Wish me luck. :)

PS: I expanded my stash some more... I'll post pics later... I need to organize my stash, it's getting out of control. hehehehe

Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Twas A Happy Wednesday!

I got home from work... and I had two packages waiting for me. Delicious, wonderful yarn. I hope you weren't thinking it was clothing or something worthwhile. (OldNavy will be here by the end of the week, so ha!) I was so completely surprised that they arrived so quickly. I bought them Monday. *dances*
The first one was from luxe ( Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with the yarn on her site, but it's amazing in person. I am definately without a doubt buying again. I have no idea what I'm making... but the yarn is... wow. How do you leave feedback on etsy? Is there something I am missing? Here is a picture of the package she sent me! Two pretty postcards, candy (mmm candy), a cute little luxe pin (I think it's mostly covered by a flower, sorry!), and a purple handmade flower pin. It's great. I can wear it to work on my jacket. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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The second was from yarnzilla ( . Mmmmm noro. Six skeins of Kureyon and one skein of Silk Garden. All of the Kureyons have some sort of orange in them. :) Two skeins each of #88, #128, and #131 (in no order because I'm lazy). The Silk Garden (the front pinkish skein) is #251. Normally I'm not a big pink person... but I really liked this. Plus, I wanted to try Silk Garden, but I didn't want too bright of a color scheme. I'll probably make a hat. I like yarnzilla. That's where I purchase all of my Noro. Incredible customer service and lightning fast shipping. Here's a picture of those goodies.

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Now I have 3½ skeins of #88. I literally had to change the ordered quantity a few times and force myself to try other colorways. Hehehe. I'm going to save it. What if I want to make something and every place is sold out!? :D

I have to organize my yarn tonight. I have three HUGE ziplock bags, and some other bags. Oh man... This is going to be an adventure. Cross your fingers... I may have to call off work tomorrow. :D

On an exciting note... I am doing my first personal swap. :) She already knows she's getting the Noro mitts. I'm really really really really really really really excited. But I don't want to blow anything.... *zips lips*

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look What I Made!

Success! I am VERY pleased with the way my yarn turned out! It was so easy and so fun! Wow... look at all of my exclamation points. :) It only smelled like Kool-Aid for two days, and now it has a sort of fresh yarn smell. I know, I'm weird. The yarn is 100% superwash bare worsted weight wool from Knit Picks ( I used three packets of orange and three packets of lemonade for the first skein. The yellow didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it... but I am still in love with the final result. I love how I missed some spots and there is white mixed in. I love how the colors leaked and mixed together in spots. It's gorgeous and I never want to make anything out of it.... I just want to stare at it... I think I'll call it Solar Flare. The boyfriend said it reminded him of fire, and it reminds me of sunlight variations...

For the blue/green skein (thanks for the suggestion!), I used 3 packets of berry blue, and three packets of lemon/lime. I let the boyfriend dye some of this one since he picked out the exact colors we would use. :) He liked it so much... that he made me buy 6 more skeins from Knit Picks. The blue/green went easier than the the orange/yellow... maybe because we had gotten the hang of it. Or because I only did half of it. :) There is far less white in this skein than the first, and I love it equally as much. The boyfriend says the blue looks like the sky and that I absolutely have to make him a pair of gloves with it. I couldn't think of a name for it... I've been calling it Planet Earth because of the way it looked when it was drying... I guess that works.

Here they are drying in the boyfriend's shower...
They look like hanging rainbow spaghetti...

Here they are in yarn ball form! Craptastic balls that I have to fix... the yarn got tangled (I have no idea how. Cat? Human? Beats me.) and this was the only way to untangle it without making another tangled mass... sigh. I love them. As far as I know they aren't striped... I decided to just randomly apply the colors, maybe next time. :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Doesn't the orange one look awesome? I'm probably a LITTLE bias towards that one... I love orange. :) For next time... I know I at least want a little purple... Maybe purple and red? Any more suggestions?

PS: Look what I got in the mail yesterday! And there is more coming! It's mostly acrylic for the hats I'm making... The Patons is classic merino wool... I liked the colors. The Angel Hair in the top left is Joann Fabric Sensations yarn.. It's a wool/nylon/acrylic blend. It's really furry, I might make a neon green kitty hat.. maybe. :) (Yes, that's black Baby Soft at the top right... I got black and white to make the "We Call Them Pirates" hat from Yay for expanding your stash!
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Friday, March 23, 2007

So it's Friday. Work is dead. DEAD. It's spring break for people in Ohio (and I guess all over...) so I have very little to do. Which leaves me a lot of time to think.

I've been thinking about swaps. I would LOVE to participate in one... but I can only knit limited items... hats, mitts, scarves... Nothing awesome for summer, really. I have yet to knit a toy (unless swappers want little mice, I can do that!). I can't sew, can't crochet, I can cook... do swappers like cookies? fudge? Maybe once I figure out how to dye this yarn... I can send yarn? I want to learn how to make soaps, too.

The reason for all of this swap thinking is because I signed up as a Friend of Craftster today. Now that I can "legally" participate in the swaps... would anybody want me? Am I crafty enough to be a worthy swap partner?

On a happy note... Here are the roses the boyfriend got me for my birthday (two weeks ago...). He does such a good job picking out flowers! I got blue roses once and crazy colored daisies for valentine's day.

Just for the heck of it (and because this is one of my favorite pictures I have taken for a while...) here are the blue roses. :)

Wish me luck! The yarn coloring commences this weekend... Even if it's not how I envisioned it at the end, there are no mistakes, only new possibilities, right?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Alive!!!

I'm still here. :) The only time I could get online was at work, and I had no time to blog. But... the transplant was successful and my laptop is working! Yay! The organ donor was my sister's laptop (exactly the same model, but she needs a new motherboard, and so I stole her hard drive. Okay, I gave her $30 bucks.... but AFTER I already installed it. Bwuahahaha.) New pics will be coming for sure now that I can actually upload them when I want.

I finished my kitty hat. No ear flaps. I have decided, with much consideration, that I am not an ear flap kind of girl. The ears are cute, I didn't screw those up too badly....

I finished a plain black kitty hat; no ears, no ear flaps. Ah well, I guess it's not a kitty hat then... lol I'm going to ship it off to someone I haven't seen in a while. He has cerebral palsy and has lived in foster care all his life. His birthday is in April, and before he moved away, he'd watch me knit at work. :)

I have been making pattern charts for hats like crazy.

I'll post pics as I make them... The first one I finished was Space Invaders. It's awesome! I was going to give it away as a birthday present, but I decided not to. It's my first Fair Isle/Stranding FO and I want to keep it and cherish it in all of it's nerdy retro glory, damnit. And I don't even wear hats. Let me tell you... now I do. :) It's the basic kittyville hat pattern + colorwork.

Right now I am working on the Ginny Weasely hat:
My sister bought me a lighter colored orange yarn for Christmas (orange is my favorite color) and I couldn't figure out what to use it for. I bought fun fur that matches, in case I want to make a fuzzy hat (which I might, I do intend on selling these eventually maybe... but I need opinions first). Plus, I just think that hat is adorable and I'm a huge Weasley fan. :) I already have the 7th book preordered. Teehee.

I also bought some yarn from KnitPicks. I've never bought from there before.... so far so good. :) I got two skeins of worsted weight undyed superwash. I really want to try dying my own yarn, and the boyfriend said he'd help! Yay! I decided to participate in "Expand Your Stash '07". I love yarn. I'm addicted. *hugs yarn* Here is the KnitPicks yarn I found waiting for me when I got home from work:

Did I mention I also got a burnt orange 100% Peruvian Wool yarn? It's called "Carrot" ...

I think I want to dye one skein orange and yellow kind of tye dye... and the other maybe that, or something else. I'm taking suggestions. :)

The doctor's appointment went... well? He gave me anti-inflammatory pills and told me to return in 30 days. If they don't help, we'll do testing. Well, they aren't helping. I bought new braces and an ergonomic bead snake thing to put in front of my keyboard. At least I can sleep better and they don't hurt as much.

Have you ever just looked at yourself and realized you are not who you want to be? I did. So I started Weight Watchers and I am weeding out my friends. I have very few close friends and tons of acquaintances. I love the lyrics from the Foo Fighters' song Monkey Wrench... "All this time to make amends, what do you do when all your enemies are friends? Now and then I'll try to bend, under pressure wind up snapping in the end...". I feel like I'm going to snap. Always always always know that there are good friends, and there are disposable friends. Half of it is my fault, I don't let people get close to me. I've been hurt by dishonest, unloyal friends too many times, and it's definitely left it's mark on me. Posting this in a blog is hard. Maybe it's easier because there's a limited chance of ever meeting face to face and knowing anything more than what's posted here or there. I want to change, I really do... I want to see the good in people, and not the ways that they are capable of hurting me. It's hard. Maybe I am paranoid, maybe I'm overreacting... At least I'm not in denial anymore and I'm trying to overcome this crap. I've just decided that I'm going to put all of my energy into Weight Watchers instead of feeling bad about people who talk behind backs and make rude comments because they can't say what they are really feeling. I can do this. Carrots taste like chocolate cake, right? :D

PS: Here are random pics of my Kureyon mitts (my own pattern) and Calorimetry (from Knitty) and a scarf that I made a while ago (garter stitch). It's super freaking soft... like, ridiculously soft. :D

Edit: I added the blogs that I read. I may not comment on them, but I try to read them every day, especially when work is slow. If yours isn't on the list, that means I don't have the link. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I'm so lazy. I haven't really had anything to talk about...

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday to see about this Carpal Tunnel thing. Knitting with CT is a tedious and sometimes painful process. It could be worse, and I figure, if I'm doing it to myself I have no right to whine about it. So I try not to. Knit for 15 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break. Slow but steady. :)

I still only have about 30 rows of the blanket finished. I almost took it apart because I didn't like the color work. Not the color, the way I did it. I have never done color work (save for a mouse with a stripe) so I had to ask the professionals on :) Intarsia seems the best option for some part, and stranding for others. Oh well. I'll decide as I go. There is lettering, I think I'm going to try duplicate stitch on those. It would be different if it was in rows, but the blanket is knit from bottom to top vertically, and the lettering also goes vertically. Does that make sense? Oh well. It seems like a waste of time. I'd rather knit solid colors. :) I are lazy.

I started making the Kittyville hat from SNB. I cast on in January and put it aside to finish my Kureyon mitts (which I have finished and will be posting soon!) I did the seed stitch area about a round per night before I went to bed and decided that it's March. I am going to miss hat season. I am almost completely finished with the hat portion and then it's the ears! I don't know if I'm going to put ear flaps on, probably. I like to make a pattern all the way through once, and then modify it the second time around. I'm still a slight newbie to some knitting things (like... this is my first hat knit in the round... not on a loom.) and I want to get a feel before I charge headfirst into a pattern and end up taking the whole thing apart. I am going to the boyfriend's tonight. I forgot my dpns for the hat. Maybe I'll save the knitting for home and just play WoW TCG.

That game is addictive. World of Warcrack, in a convenient trading card game! I have so many cards... some are worth a little... Depending on where you look, my scratch off loot card is worth $100-$170. I have an alliance warlock deck and a horde druid deck... working on an alliance warrior. Most of my weapons are awesome... Maybe tonight I'll just make that deck. :)

I have to get my laptop fixed. Okay... I've had to get it fixed since about September, but I thought I could fix it. It really aggravates me when I can't fix a computer related problem. I know enough about them, I should fix them. I think my hard drive took a dump. That's something I have yet to do myself, so I'll let the professionals handle it. It's a relatively cheap fix... at most; $200. Probably not even that much. As soon as I get my laptop fixed I'll be able to post pictures more frequently. :)

Oh oh oh Saturday is my birthday. :) I'm getting old... 22. *sigh* It's usually snowing on my birthday, but it's supposed to be 46 degrees or warmer all weekend.... We'll see. I don't like snow, and I'm sure it doesn't like me. I'd have birthday parties when I was a little one, and nobody would show up because it was a blizzard outside. Kindergarten and my 21st were the only years it didn't snow. I remember this, because I got my goldfish Moby when I was in KG. He lived till the ripe old age of 8.

Hopefully I get things taken care of and get my lazy butt to the puter repair store... Oh, if anyone knows where I can find Nintendo, or Nintendo related pattern charts... Pleeeeeease let me know. Thanks! :D

Friday, February 23, 2007


Work is dragging this week. It dragged Wednesday because it was my last day at Job #2... It dragged Thursday because I was looking forward to dinner with the bf... And it's dragging today because I know I have plans (I don't make plans too far ahead of time... I made these plans last month!). It's not even 2:30 and it feels like 5p.

*takes a nap at my desk*

I need to cancel my FFxi account this weekend. I haven't played since September... Or August? 17 bucks a month going toward keeping my little pixelated friend alive. Oh well. I can use that money on yarn now. :D
I hope I have time to knit this weekend. I want that blanket done and on to its new life on the lap of J. There are 162 rows. I am almost to 30. I didn't knit last night because I was too tired after dinner with J and running around, and my wrists hurt. I have early stages of carpal tunnel and get the symptoms sometimes. It's becoming more frequent... I have started wearing wrist braces to bed. :/ Anyways, all things willing, I hope to get a lot done on the blanket and/or finish my mitts so I can start on a new, better pair with the same yarn. :D I'll try and take pics this weekend... My laptop is broken but I can use J's puter... maybe. ^_^

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. :) I'm new to blogging, so please bear with me. This will be a mostly knitting blog... because I don't have a whole lot of time to knit and I'm a slow knitter. Gotta fill up the space somehow. The name will explain itself; I'm addicted to yarn. I love to buy it and pretend I'm going to make something great with all of this free time I don't have. I've been knitting since my senior year of high school (2002-2003) and recently (November-ish 2006) started making more than Garter Stitch scarves. I have a wall of scarves that I've made. I'll post a pic eventually, I'm lazy. So far besides scarves I've made two hats, fingerless mitts, a mouse, and a baby blanket for my boyfriend's nephew.

Right now I'm working on a blanket (afghan?) for my boyfriend. I'll post pics as it gets larger, and probably the pattern if I ever finish writing it up. The chart is done, but the instructions are not. Remember, I'm lazy. :)

Here are some finished things I've made... with descriptions as best as I can remember.

Boyfriend Mitts: These are my own pattern. I made them with Sensations Licorice yarn in black. It's 100% wool. I'll try to get a pic of him wearing them so you can see the size properly. They're huge. Massive. My hands are lost in these babies.
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If you want the pattern for these, I'll be happy to write it up. It's super simple.

Mitts for my sister: I used Sensations Licorice yarn in red and the pattern from Speed Knitting by Kris Percival. They're really snug and comfy! I originally made them for me, but noticed that the yellow perfectly matched the scarf I'd made for her. The thumbs are in a neat pattern that you can't see from the pic. Maybe I'll get an action shot of these, too... She's just as lazy as I am though. :)
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Stuff for my grandma: I knit my grandma a hat on the Knifty Knitter round looms that I got for Christmas. It stretched. So I made her another one. She said the spaces were too big, so she double up on the hats. I mader her this hat with the pattern for Hot Head from SNBN. It was really easy and gave me some seaming practice. Now she only wears this hat. I made it with LionBrand Homespun in Caribbean. I still have some left, maybe for a panta or calorimetry or something. It's really soft and warm.
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I also made her a Valentine's Day Love cloth from She liked it. It was a fast knit with so many possiblities to it. I might knit up some more in different colors and yarns and make pillows. I used... Bernat Super Saver in red... yes it's acrylic... yes I was too lazy to go buy cotton yarn. She's not going to use it as a washcloth anyways. :D
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And now... some crap I made for me.

This is Herman.
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Herman is a stuffed mouse cat toy minus the catnip. It was my first attempt at increasing/decreasing/seaming/simple embroidery/i-cord. Whew. I decided that he would be mine. He now lives in a little knit bag. :)

These are my very first mitts. I got the pattern from a 365 pattern a day callender, but you can get the pattern from
I was dumb. I was naive. I didn't know my yarns. The pattern calls for sport yarn, I used worsted. Nonetheless, I love them and they keep my hands warm when I drive/smoke.
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Anyone know how to take decent pics of black yarn? Everything I tried made them look like solid black, you can't see the ribbing in these at all. PS: Those are my bedroom walls. Hand stamped by my sister, my high school friend, and myself. White walls with rainbow handprints. I love it.

Anyways, I'll probably work on my Kureyon mitts tonight. I want to finish them before it's warm. The blanket can be done when I say it's done. :D

Here's a sneak peek of the blanket:
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