Friday, February 23, 2007


Work is dragging this week. It dragged Wednesday because it was my last day at Job #2... It dragged Thursday because I was looking forward to dinner with the bf... And it's dragging today because I know I have plans (I don't make plans too far ahead of time... I made these plans last month!). It's not even 2:30 and it feels like 5p.

*takes a nap at my desk*

I need to cancel my FFxi account this weekend. I haven't played since September... Or August? 17 bucks a month going toward keeping my little pixelated friend alive. Oh well. I can use that money on yarn now. :D
I hope I have time to knit this weekend. I want that blanket done and on to its new life on the lap of J. There are 162 rows. I am almost to 30. I didn't knit last night because I was too tired after dinner with J and running around, and my wrists hurt. I have early stages of carpal tunnel and get the symptoms sometimes. It's becoming more frequent... I have started wearing wrist braces to bed. :/ Anyways, all things willing, I hope to get a lot done on the blanket and/or finish my mitts so I can start on a new, better pair with the same yarn. :D I'll try and take pics this weekend... My laptop is broken but I can use J's puter... maybe. ^_^

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Ah...blankets. lol They take forever! I'd knit one if it weren't a million times easier for me to just buy one. Or make one of those fleece ones.