Tuesday, March 6, 2007


I'm so lazy. I haven't really had anything to talk about...

I have a doctor's appointment on Friday to see about this Carpal Tunnel thing. Knitting with CT is a tedious and sometimes painful process. It could be worse, and I figure, if I'm doing it to myself I have no right to whine about it. So I try not to. Knit for 15 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break. Slow but steady. :)

I still only have about 30 rows of the blanket finished. I almost took it apart because I didn't like the color work. Not the color, the way I did it. I have never done color work (save for a mouse with a stripe) so I had to ask the professionals on www.craftster.org :) Intarsia seems the best option for some part, and stranding for others. Oh well. I'll decide as I go. There is lettering, I think I'm going to try duplicate stitch on those. It would be different if it was in rows, but the blanket is knit from bottom to top vertically, and the lettering also goes vertically. Does that make sense? Oh well. It seems like a waste of time. I'd rather knit solid colors. :) I are lazy.

I started making the Kittyville hat from SNB. I cast on in January and put it aside to finish my Kureyon mitts (which I have finished and will be posting soon!) I did the seed stitch area about a round per night before I went to bed and decided that it's March. I am going to miss hat season. I am almost completely finished with the hat portion and then it's the ears! I don't know if I'm going to put ear flaps on, probably. I like to make a pattern all the way through once, and then modify it the second time around. I'm still a slight newbie to some knitting things (like... this is my first hat knit in the round... not on a loom.) and I want to get a feel before I charge headfirst into a pattern and end up taking the whole thing apart. I am going to the boyfriend's tonight. I forgot my dpns for the hat. Maybe I'll save the knitting for home and just play WoW TCG.

That game is addictive. World of Warcrack, in a convenient trading card game! I have so many cards... some are worth a little... Depending on where you look, my scratch off loot card is worth $100-$170. I have an alliance warlock deck and a horde druid deck... working on an alliance warrior. Most of my weapons are awesome... Maybe tonight I'll just make that deck. :)

I have to get my laptop fixed. Okay... I've had to get it fixed since about September, but I thought I could fix it. It really aggravates me when I can't fix a computer related problem. I know enough about them, I should fix them. I think my hard drive took a dump. That's something I have yet to do myself, so I'll let the professionals handle it. It's a relatively cheap fix... at most; $200. Probably not even that much. As soon as I get my laptop fixed I'll be able to post pictures more frequently. :)

Oh oh oh Saturday is my birthday. :) I'm getting old... 22. *sigh* It's usually snowing on my birthday, but it's supposed to be 46 degrees or warmer all weekend.... We'll see. I don't like snow, and I'm sure it doesn't like me. I'd have birthday parties when I was a little one, and nobody would show up because it was a blizzard outside. Kindergarten and my 21st were the only years it didn't snow. I remember this, because I got my goldfish Moby when I was in KG. He lived till the ripe old age of 8.

Hopefully I get things taken care of and get my lazy butt to the puter repair store... Oh, if anyone knows where I can find Nintendo, or Nintendo related pattern charts... Pleeeeeease let me know. Thanks! :D



Bwahahaha!! My birthday is in December, let's not talk about how cold it is. :D Hubby's is tomorrow (well technically today), and he's 26, so don't feel old. Yet. lol

P.S. I love the kitty hats, I've made 3 so far.

yarnjunkie said...

Happy birthday to him! My bf will be 24 in May.

So far I loooooove the kitty hats. I'll let you know if i still feel that way after I attempt the ears tonight. :)

Rayna said...

i'm sorry about your hand. i have the same problem. i talked to someone in my knitting circle (she a PT) and she recommended i get a hand brace. i only use it when i knit and my hand dosen't hurt anymore. mine cost $7 at my local rite aid.

yarnjunkie said...

I have two braces with splints that I wear to bed... and Joann Fabric has some gloves made specifically for knitting.. I'm thinking about getting those for knitting and my job. It's good to know that those work for you. Thanks! :D