Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm A Slacker...

In the past two weeks I have done... pretty much nothing. Went to a wedding... played cards... knit a little. I took a break from knitting after I decided to frog my 1up beanie. It was a sad day. Now it's sitting there in three pretty piles waiting for me to cast on again. Alas, beanie, it's for the best. After asking for help on craftster, I figured out that I need to weave my little floaters in. It'll be that much better in the long run, I promise. So, to practice my Fair Isle, I am making the We Call Them Pirates hat from www.helloyarn.com. It's great so far, time consuming, but great. I'm using acrylic yarn. Baby Soft. :) This is my first time doing major Fair Isle and using needles smaller than US 5. I'm nervous... lol. I'm not doing the provisional cast on because I didn't have size 1 any kind of needles... and I really didn't feel like buying any. I have size 2 circs... but no. I'm a lazy slacker.

I dyed some more yarn. :) The boyfriend dyed the purple/blue and I dyed the red/pink. He said mine looked like love... I was going more for angry at the time, but now it reminds me of love. Heh. Here are some pics! Same as before... KnitPicks 100% Superwash Wool (and I still have 4 skeins left!) Kool-Aid dyed... The blue/purple is Berry Blue and Grape. The red/pink is Strawberry and Pink Lemonade. It's easier for me to wind them into these crappy balls from the dyed skein and THEN into hanks or center pulled balls... for some reason for me it gets tangled.... every time there are tangles. Oh well, it's probably me. :)

Sorry this one is so blurry, I didn't realize it until I uploaded it... Meh. All you need is the colors. :)

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This one is actually not this red throughout, the pic just has a lot of red. :)

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I got my spindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a spindle from etsy and it came with some pretty pretty roving/batt (what's it called?). I spun it all by myself. ALL BY MYSELF. :) I'm excited. I can't tell anyone around me... they don't care as much. It sucks having no knitters by you. :( Here's a pic of the spindle and yarn... Let me know if it sucks. I need all the help I can get. Did I spin it too tight?

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The boyfriend's dad made me some spindles... I can't wait to try those out also. I bought some carded wool in pretty autumn colors that I'm going to spin.... Wish me luck. :)

PS: I expanded my stash some more... I'll post pics later... I need to organize my stash, it's getting out of control. hehehehe

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It's hard to tell, but it looks a bit underspun actually. Which you can call soft spun if you want to pretend like you did it on purpose. lol It looks pretty great for a drop spindle! In my opinion anyway. :)