Thursday, March 29, 2007

'Twas A Happy Wednesday!

I got home from work... and I had two packages waiting for me. Delicious, wonderful yarn. I hope you weren't thinking it was clothing or something worthwhile. (OldNavy will be here by the end of the week, so ha!) I was so completely surprised that they arrived so quickly. I bought them Monday. *dances*
The first one was from luxe ( Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with the yarn on her site, but it's amazing in person. I am definately without a doubt buying again. I have no idea what I'm making... but the yarn is... wow. How do you leave feedback on etsy? Is there something I am missing? Here is a picture of the package she sent me! Two pretty postcards, candy (mmm candy), a cute little luxe pin (I think it's mostly covered by a flower, sorry!), and a purple handmade flower pin. It's great. I can wear it to work on my jacket. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

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The second was from yarnzilla ( . Mmmmm noro. Six skeins of Kureyon and one skein of Silk Garden. All of the Kureyons have some sort of orange in them. :) Two skeins each of #88, #128, and #131 (in no order because I'm lazy). The Silk Garden (the front pinkish skein) is #251. Normally I'm not a big pink person... but I really liked this. Plus, I wanted to try Silk Garden, but I didn't want too bright of a color scheme. I'll probably make a hat. I like yarnzilla. That's where I purchase all of my Noro. Incredible customer service and lightning fast shipping. Here's a picture of those goodies.

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Now I have 3½ skeins of #88. I literally had to change the ordered quantity a few times and force myself to try other colorways. Hehehe. I'm going to save it. What if I want to make something and every place is sold out!? :D

I have to organize my yarn tonight. I have three HUGE ziplock bags, and some other bags. Oh man... This is going to be an adventure. Cross your fingers... I may have to call off work tomorrow. :D

On an exciting note... I am doing my first personal swap. :) She already knows she's getting the Noro mitts. I'm really really really really really really really excited. But I don't want to blow anything.... *zips lips*



To leave feedback on Etsy, sign in, go to "Your Etsy". Click "Feedback", and you will see a tab that says "Items Awaiting Feedback". That's it. :)

PS-I am so drooling over the handpainted fiber at Luxe now.

yarnjunkie said...

Ah. Thank you! I feel dumb now. :) Isn't her yarn fabulous? I'm trying to decide which to buy next. :X