Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Alive!!!

I'm still here. :) The only time I could get online was at work, and I had no time to blog. But... the transplant was successful and my laptop is working! Yay! The organ donor was my sister's laptop (exactly the same model, but she needs a new motherboard, and so I stole her hard drive. Okay, I gave her $30 bucks.... but AFTER I already installed it. Bwuahahaha.) New pics will be coming for sure now that I can actually upload them when I want.

I finished my kitty hat. No ear flaps. I have decided, with much consideration, that I am not an ear flap kind of girl. The ears are cute, I didn't screw those up too badly....

I finished a plain black kitty hat; no ears, no ear flaps. Ah well, I guess it's not a kitty hat then... lol I'm going to ship it off to someone I haven't seen in a while. He has cerebral palsy and has lived in foster care all his life. His birthday is in April, and before he moved away, he'd watch me knit at work. :)

I have been making pattern charts for hats like crazy.

I'll post pics as I make them... The first one I finished was Space Invaders. It's awesome! I was going to give it away as a birthday present, but I decided not to. It's my first Fair Isle/Stranding FO and I want to keep it and cherish it in all of it's nerdy retro glory, damnit. And I don't even wear hats. Let me tell you... now I do. :) It's the basic kittyville hat pattern + colorwork.

Right now I am working on the Ginny Weasely hat:
My sister bought me a lighter colored orange yarn for Christmas (orange is my favorite color) and I couldn't figure out what to use it for. I bought fun fur that matches, in case I want to make a fuzzy hat (which I might, I do intend on selling these eventually maybe... but I need opinions first). Plus, I just think that hat is adorable and I'm a huge Weasley fan. :) I already have the 7th book preordered. Teehee.

I also bought some yarn from KnitPicks. I've never bought from there before.... so far so good. :) I got two skeins of worsted weight undyed superwash. I really want to try dying my own yarn, and the boyfriend said he'd help! Yay! I decided to participate in "Expand Your Stash '07". I love yarn. I'm addicted. *hugs yarn* Here is the KnitPicks yarn I found waiting for me when I got home from work:

Did I mention I also got a burnt orange 100% Peruvian Wool yarn? It's called "Carrot" ...

I think I want to dye one skein orange and yellow kind of tye dye... and the other maybe that, or something else. I'm taking suggestions. :)

The doctor's appointment went... well? He gave me anti-inflammatory pills and told me to return in 30 days. If they don't help, we'll do testing. Well, they aren't helping. I bought new braces and an ergonomic bead snake thing to put in front of my keyboard. At least I can sleep better and they don't hurt as much.

Have you ever just looked at yourself and realized you are not who you want to be? I did. So I started Weight Watchers and I am weeding out my friends. I have very few close friends and tons of acquaintances. I love the lyrics from the Foo Fighters' song Monkey Wrench... "All this time to make amends, what do you do when all your enemies are friends? Now and then I'll try to bend, under pressure wind up snapping in the end...". I feel like I'm going to snap. Always always always know that there are good friends, and there are disposable friends. Half of it is my fault, I don't let people get close to me. I've been hurt by dishonest, unloyal friends too many times, and it's definitely left it's mark on me. Posting this in a blog is hard. Maybe it's easier because there's a limited chance of ever meeting face to face and knowing anything more than what's posted here or there. I want to change, I really do... I want to see the good in people, and not the ways that they are capable of hurting me. It's hard. Maybe I am paranoid, maybe I'm overreacting... At least I'm not in denial anymore and I'm trying to overcome this crap. I've just decided that I'm going to put all of my energy into Weight Watchers instead of feeling bad about people who talk behind backs and make rude comments because they can't say what they are really feeling. I can do this. Carrots taste like chocolate cake, right? :D

PS: Here are random pics of my Kureyon mitts (my own pattern) and Calorimetry (from Knitty) and a scarf that I made a while ago (garter stitch). It's super freaking soft... like, ridiculously soft. :D

Edit: I added the blogs that I read. I may not comment on them, but I try to read them every day, especially when work is slow. If yours isn't on the list, that means I don't have the link. :)



Woot! Kitty hats! The mitts look great with your walls as a backdrop. :)

KnitPicks is decent for the money, I use them a lot. Expanding stash is awesome. I do it as much as possible. Orange and yellow sounds like fun. The other one can be yellow and green? Or maybe green and blue? I don't know, spring is here so I'm feelin some green.

yarnjunkie said...

I was actually thinking an aqua color and a lime-y kind of color! Great minds think alike. Thanks :)