Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Look What I Made!

Success! I am VERY pleased with the way my yarn turned out! It was so easy and so fun! Wow... look at all of my exclamation points. :) It only smelled like Kool-Aid for two days, and now it has a sort of fresh yarn smell. I know, I'm weird. The yarn is 100% superwash bare worsted weight wool from Knit Picks (http://knitpicks.com/Bare+-+Superwash+Worsted+Weight_YD5420148.html+Superwash+Worsted+Weight_YD5420148.html). I used three packets of orange and three packets of lemonade for the first skein. The yellow didn't turn out as bright as I wanted it... but I am still in love with the final result. I love how I missed some spots and there is white mixed in. I love how the colors leaked and mixed together in spots. It's gorgeous and I never want to make anything out of it.... I just want to stare at it... I think I'll call it Solar Flare. The boyfriend said it reminded him of fire, and it reminds me of sunlight variations...

For the blue/green skein (thanks for the suggestion!), I used 3 packets of berry blue, and three packets of lemon/lime. I let the boyfriend dye some of this one since he picked out the exact colors we would use. :) He liked it so much... that he made me buy 6 more skeins from Knit Picks. The blue/green went easier than the the orange/yellow... maybe because we had gotten the hang of it. Or because I only did half of it. :) There is far less white in this skein than the first, and I love it equally as much. The boyfriend says the blue looks like the sky and that I absolutely have to make him a pair of gloves with it. I couldn't think of a name for it... I've been calling it Planet Earth because of the way it looked when it was drying... I guess that works.

Here they are drying in the boyfriend's shower...
They look like hanging rainbow spaghetti...

Here they are in yarn ball form! Craptastic balls that I have to fix... the yarn got tangled (I have no idea how. Cat? Human? Beats me.) and this was the only way to untangle it without making another tangled mass... sigh. I love them. As far as I know they aren't striped... I decided to just randomly apply the colors, maybe next time. :)

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Doesn't the orange one look awesome? I'm probably a LITTLE bias towards that one... I love orange. :) For next time... I know I at least want a little purple... Maybe purple and red? Any more suggestions?

PS: Look what I got in the mail yesterday! And there is more coming! It's mostly acrylic for the hats I'm making... The Patons is classic merino wool... I liked the colors. The Angel Hair in the top left is Joann Fabric Sensations yarn.. It's a wool/nylon/acrylic blend. It's really furry, I might make a neon green kitty hat.. maybe. :) (Yes, that's black Baby Soft at the top right... I got black and white to make the "We Call Them Pirates" hat from www.helloyarn.com). Yay for expanding your stash!
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I love to dye yarn, but it's not so easy to do with kids grabbing at my ankles. lol Try using Wilton's icing dye, the colors are a LOT stronger. Plus you get more bang for your buck as one little bottle of dye has enough for several dye sessions. Depending on how rich/deep you want the colors.

yarnjunkie said...

Ohhhh I'm going to look into that. I don't have any kids... but the boyfriend's cat was trying to drink the kool-aid mix. I'm sure the Wilton's dye isn't as neon as the kool-aid, too.